Q. What type of light fittings can I connect with real motion sensor switch?

A. You can connect any lighting source like CFL, Led, tube light, Incandescent , Halogen etc. Also you may install security alarm or siren. But please remember any electrical equipment you connect with real motion sensor switch should be working on AC 220-240V input.

Q. Can i install this switch on my own?

A. Basic knowledge & experience of electrical jobs is necessary for installing these sensor switches. We recommend that you appoint a local certified electrician for installing these sensor switches.

Q. What is so Indian about Real sensor switch?

A. Motion sensors are typically manufactured outside India considering average atmospheric temperatures according to “cooler countries” (Countries having natural lower temperatures).

Real sensor switch is designed, programmed and manufactured after an intense research on Indian weather conditions. Hence you can rely on the efficiency and life span of our products.

Q. Do you provide a product manual with real motion sensor switch?

A. Yes, You will receive a product manual with the sensor switch explaining step to step instructions for installation and settings. More over you are welcome to contact us any time for discussing your queries & questions.

Q. What kind of warranty does your products have? 

Yes, 1 year / 12 months replacement warranty and 7 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

A. We provide a "7 days no questions asked refund guarantee" If you are not satisfied by the product you can simply call us and ask for a return and get a refund. More over we also provide a 1 year / 12 months warranty on all our products against manufacturing defects. Not Covered - Repair service, adjustment and calibration due to misuse, abuse or negligence, light bulbs, batteries, glass, and other expendable items are not covered by this warranty. Unauthorized service or modification of the product or of any furnished component will void this warranty in its entirety. This warranty does not include reimbursement for inconvenience, installation, setup time, loss of use, unauthorized service, or return shipping charges.