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How it Works

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze
Motion detector devices have revolutionized the concept of lighting Indoor Lighting can now be controlled by occupancy detectors
The "Motion Sensing" technology used for lights and security systems is a passive system that is able to detect infrared energy. Therefore, these sensors are known as (passive infrared) detectors or pyroelectric sensors. Sensors such as Real Motion Sensor switch are sensitive to the temperature of the human body and are able to detect the presence of a human being in a room.
Since human beings have a skin temperature of about 93 degrees F, they radiate infrared energy with a wavelength between 9 and 10 micrometers. Thus sensors are usually sensitive in range of 8 to 12 micrometers.
These motion sensors contained within the electronic motion detectors work by transforming the detection of motion into an electric signal by measuring optical or acoustical changes in the field of vision.


  • Detect intrusions in all directions
  • Adjustable time, lux (Brightness) manually.
  • Compatible with almost any light fitting or electrical appliance
  • Error free detection method.
  • Extremely easy to mount
  • Innovative technology translates into huge savings

Why Real Sensor switch ?

Save substantial amounts of energy

When Real motion sensor switches are unable to detect any motion in the room, then it is assumed that the space is empty, thus the empty space does not need to be lit and the lights will remain off automatically.

No fumbling in the dark for the switches anymore

Real Motion sensor switch are so very convenient. Itís annoying and also a waste of time to fumble in the dark for the light switches, especially when you are carrying something. Just walk into the room and voila! The lights come on.

Slash your electricity bill

You will be amazed at the savings you will garner on your electricity bill. Real Motion Sensor switches are the sure-shot way you can finally make significant savings on your electricity bill.


It's a nuisance when you have to keep reminding yourself and everyone else in the family to keep switching off the lights to save electricity. Constantly reminding the children is also a big hassle. Now, there is no more reminding to do because Motion Sensor switch will take care of your lights.

Cost Cutting at the office

Companies are always looking for ways to curtail expenses and Motion Sensor switch will be the best investment that companies make because of the enormous energy savings they will lead to.

So economical

Real Motion Sensor switch will completely eliminate wastage of electricity because lights will be now used only when required & eliminate higher electricity bills caused by careless individuals leaving lights on after leaving the room.

Feel Safe

An unwelcome intruder into your home or office will be startled into beating a hasty retreat by the Motion Sensor switch, not knowing whether he has been spotted by someone or whether he has triggered off a security alarm. An innovative and effective technology The motion sensors features for lights and security systems are passive systems with the power to detect infrared energy

Slash your electricity bill

You will be amazed at the savings you will garner on your electricity bill. Real Motion Sensor switches are the sure-shot way you can finally make significant savings on your electricity bill.

About Us


Who We are :

Our connection with the market has been in place since the year 2006. The manufacturing of the Real Sensor Switch also began in 2006. Our business has been established on a very firm foundation of industrial and institutional marketplaces. However, we also realized that there is a very real need for high-quality products such as the Real Sensor Switch for the individual or personal sector as well.
Therefore, we started serving businesses and homes a while ago and take great pride in the fact that we deliver a product that puts together the best of technology, high quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
Our product works on a PIR and Microwave movement detecting sensor technology which allows customers to enjoy multiple applications. The fact that our technology relies on cutting edge passive infrared radiation and microwave motion detection, results in an intuitive knowledge of and reaction to India’s atmospheric and weather conditions.
We are thus extremely proud to state that our PIR and Microwave movement detecting sensor – the Real Sensor Switch has gained top position in its class of products.

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